Keeping up: Some useful Quebec sources for current awareness

Below are a couple of interesting sources for current awareness. Here in the Life Sciences Library at McGill University, we list these (among a couple of others) in our orientation document for new staff.

Bulletin E-veille sur l’innovation dans les services de santé, available also as E-Watch Newsletter on Health Innovation

VIsAge : Bulletin de veille informationnelle de l’Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de la Montérégie

I don’t know if it’s related to my email subscription settings for both sites, but I find the amount of email manageable, and I always peruse the messages I get for gems (which I often find).

What I find fascinating is how much I hear about veille informationnelle from francophone colleagues, and how little it comes up as a subject of interest on the anglophone side.

Know of any other great, relevant Quebec sources for current awareness?