Article in Protégez-vous on finding health information

As a librarian, I found this list of recommendations as well as the entire article in Protégez-vous on finding health information fairly depressing: There was no mention of libraries or documentation centres as far as I could see! My heart sank.

Nos recommandations (no subscription required to access this page)

At least they mention the HONcode under Comment vérifier la crédibilité d’un site (something I actually hadn’t noticed before posting a comment to the site).

I think we have a huge marketing job to do here. The public does not know what libraries and documentation centres have to offer. How do we change this? One obvious way is by writing letters to the editor and by commenting on articles such as this one, but those are just drops in the bucket. Perhaps the move toward patient resource centres in hospitals (if that is in fact a real move) will also increase the visibility of libraries and documentation centres: I hope this will be the case, but I doubt it will happen without a lot of outreach efforts on our part. One thing seems fairly sure though: We are not obvious sources of health information, and we need to do a lot of work to change this.