Special issue on evidence-based medicine in Southern Medical Journal

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Many of you will have access to a special issue on evidence-based medicine published in the Southern Medical Journal (some of the articles are freely available, others require a subscription). The one hyperlinked article was co-authored by a librarian and may be of particular interest.


Southern Medical Journal
March 2012 – Volume 105 – Issue 3
pp: 107-180

Special Issue on Evidence-Based Medicine

Evidence-Based Medicine: What Is Taking the Jury So Long?
Waldron, Edward J.

SMJ Editor’s Preface to Special Issue on Evidence-Based Medicine
Holt, G. Richard

Evidence-Based Medicine for Clinicians
Mansi, Ishak A.; Banks, Daniel E.

The Challenge of Evidence-Based Medicine
Mansi, Ishak A.; Banks, Daniel E.

Evidence-Based Medicine: Specific Skills Necessary for Developing Expertise in Critical Appraisal
Morris, Michael J.; Fewell, Allyson E.; Oleszewski, Ryan T. 

Statistics for the Nonstatistician: A Primer for Reading Clinical
Mansi, Ishak A.

Statistics for the Nonstatistician: Part I
Wissing, Dennis R.; Timm, Donna

Statistics for the Nonstatistician: Part II
Hou, Wei; Carden, Donna

Application of the Principles of Evidence-Based Medicine to Patient Care
Wilton, Nouansy K.; Slim, Ahmad M.

Critical Appraisal Process: Step-by-Step
Timm, Donna F.; Banks, Daniel E.; McLarty, Jerry

Impact of Patient Selection in Various Study Designs: Identifying
Potential Bias in Clinical Results
Berbano, Elizabeth P.; Baxi, Nancy

Challenge of Surrogate Endpoints
Furgerson, James L.; Hannah, William N. Jr; Thompson, Jennifer C.

Arriving at Correct Conclusions: The Importance of Association,
Causality, and Clinical Significance
Rosenberg, Eric I.; Bass, Pat Farrington III; Davidson, Richard A.

Reasoning and Evidence-Based Medicine: Common Pitfalls
Varma, Jai; Rodriguez, Rechell; Mansi, Ishak A.

Final Tips in Interpreting Evidence-Based Medicine
Mansi, Ishak A.; Thompson, Jennifer C.; Banks, Daniel E.